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A US based orgnization has got a platform developed for helping their community members to find jobs and services in their locality, area, town and city. At the same time the service providers can also provide their services and portray on the platform. The combination of service seekers and service providers creates a unique combination for helping the community in finding the services and providing them, this helps the both sides of the community to generate income from their own community members. 

With their thoughts, the community approached Synconics for providing complete solution, nurturing their idea into a reality. Synconics framed a platform (website) with an ERP backend system nurturing their needs.

​The Marketplace Platform!!!

Synconics customized a website (Marketplace Platform) in Odoo to develop a market place where vendor is able to register his website and the product/services offered by them. The service seekers will search for the service and get the information of the service provider.

Vendor Portal
The vendor providing the services registers on the website with his name email and password. Based on the information provided by the vendor, a portal user is created. After the portal user is created then registration of the company/individual (freelancer) can be done. After the company is registered the vendor can create his own website on the platform. The marketplace platform provides different theme options for creating the vendor website.

In the system a Profile Builder feature is added to manage the website template, user profile, organization service. The profile builder also provides organization dashboard and adds menu for the live dashboard.

In Organization detail page the vendor mentions the details about his services or the products sold by company. Along with the service details the company information like, company name, address, the timings with working day's details.

The service detail page provides a button to connect with the organization directly. The service seekers can connect with the company directly and fetch his detailed contact information.   

Google Map
To map the precise location, Google map integration is done with the market place platform (website). The information feeded by the organization is located on Google map.   

Service Seekers
The second part of the marketplace platform is for the users or the service seekers. Any user who surfs the website or the marketplace and searches for a product or a service available in his state and city/town, the market place filters out the services available in the region. If the user registers in the platform, then based on the personal information provided by the user, the system will filter out from the area/suburb/town or city, the best nearby addresses of the company or individual providing the services or the product the user is looking for. The other search functionality designed by Synconics is dynamic search bar, based on Cognitive AI search.            

Search Bar

Synconics customized a dynamic search bar integrated with Azure cognitive AI search, called the "Cognitive Ai Search". This unique search functionality fetches the search results by extracting data from Odoo database, just by writing text in "Natural language format", based on the configuration done in the backend side of NHE3 marketplace system. If the vendor company would like to display the name of the company, its address, phone number, email and website, but would not like to mention the price they charge for their services, then in the backend the "Cognitive Ai Search", the price field can be hidden (or not selected). Based on the selected fields, in the backend side of the "Cognitive Ai Search", like company name, address, phone number etc. the system will provide the information of the selected fields.

In addition to the “Cognitive AI Search” Synconics has integrated the NHE3 system with ChatGPT, which works in parallel to “Cognitive AI Search”. Both the search functionality fetch the results simultaneously.

This unique feature makes the system more user friendly, so the user or the service seeker can easily get the information just by writing the text in natural language format but also gets the location of the service provider through Google map.       


The system also provides subscription for certain services like, Events, Loan and Jobs. Any company providing these services have to opt for subscription for listing out any of these services. On paying the subscription amount the companies select and list out their services. Based on the services they configure the required questions, either for loan or job subscription. Based on the questions put forwarded by the service provider and answers replied by the service seeker, the system will filter the best results to the service seeker.

A lead will be created in CRM system of the service provider with the information of the person seeking the information. The company can follow-up with the lead for potential user.

At the moment 3 types of subscription services are configured in the system, but more subscriptions can be added with the expansion of different services.

Apart from the subscribed services, the other services will be listed out free by the service provider. 

Loan Services

The subscription loan services is specifically designed to provide loan on different categories, like business loan, home loan, car loan or other category.

The loan seeker will have to define the loan amount required, the purpose of the loan and register their personal information for applying for the loan. The loan providers can also configure their own questions for filtering the loan seeker. On replying to the specific questions listed by the loan provider, the system will filter out the best loan providers.


The loan seeker will get the list of loan providers with all the contact details of the loan company and the interest rate charged for the loan amount. The service providers will get new leads in their emails. So either the loan seeker will contact the providers or vice-a-versa the provider will contact the seekers.


The platform will provide the event organizers to publish the event with tickets for sale or they can publish open ticket for the event. The payment flow for the sale of tickets is done through the standard payment flow of Odoo eCommerce.

This unique concept has initiated the demand of service providers and seekers in every regional town of city and state. Thus individual platforms will be developed for city covering the need of the community and helping the members to be self-reluctant. 

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