About us

Who we are

We go beyond the routine

We are a group of highly motivated professionals with a strong desire to excel and an ability to innovate continuously. Synconics has a team of IT specialists who want to go beyond the routine and create a company that would act in the market not only for business success but also for the sake of technology itself. 
Thus, contributing to transformation of the society through software development remains the mission of the company. 
Synconics Technologies specializes in ERP implementation, developing enterprise software and digital transformation for private and public sector organizations, small-mid- to large-sized, startups across the globe. 
One-hundred percent independent of affiliation, Synconics helps firms evaluate and select software, implement software and navigate organizational changes to ensure that clients realize the full benefits of their enterprise software projects. 
We consult our clients on IT strategy, business process reengineering, IT staffing, ERP implementation, project management oversight and Organizational change management. As a pioneer in the independent ERP consulting industry, we apply our proven methodology to all areas of our customers’ organization. Synconics proven input and leadership targets to minimize risk, accelerate implementation progress and increase the success and value of your ERP initiative. We serve as trusted advisors and implementation partner by exercising fiduciary responsibility to our clients. In addition, we provide the following value to our diverse client base:
Independent and technology-agnostic
Deep and broad expertise with more than 150 ERP implementations
Focus on achieving measurable results and a positive ROI
We help clients transform their businesses to better serve their own customers
Nearly 100% of our clients hire us for repeat work
Unparalleled client satisfaction levels
Techno-Functional team with strong business operational and technology backgrounds, who works for you remotely or on-site with your team

What Synconics do?

We are experts in implementing ERP products especially using Odoo Technology (formerly known as OpenERP) in a cost effective manner to ensure that Total Cost of Ownership including software & hardware is comparatively low. 

Our goal is to be the preferred IT service provider helping you to build the best solution using Open Source Technologies through Open Source software customization, integration, migration to open platforms or with custom Open Source development, implementation, training for users and technical staff, as well as maintenance and support.

Key Values and Strengths

We deliver all types of software solutions especially ERP solutions ranging from a simple online web-based survey or website building to high end business solutions for instance Accounts, Sales, warehouse, manufacturing, CRM, HRM, POS, E-Commerce etc. 
Our team of ERP consultants & developers have proven track record of successfully developing and implementing robust, flexible, scalable ERP products to large enterprise & SME’s in private and public sector globally. 
We customize, integrate (third party apps) deploy & implement ERP modules (specially using Odoo) globally. We are cost competitive and deliver robust and scalable solutions. 
Through continuous research and using several other available open source ERP products, we create cost comparable matrix, performance matrix, End user & customer feedback, rigorous testing etc. to improve the overall quality and value for money of the product and end user experience.

Our Goals

At Synconics, we firmly believe that our vision is the driving force behind our growth. Our desire was, and still is, to build an institution that would outlast our lives and a strong inclination towards being driven by values. 
While defining our vision, we asked ourselves some fundamental questions:
  • What is core to the organization? 
  • What is the purpose for which we exist? 
  • How do we envision our future? What goals do we set ourselves? 
  • What are our dreams?
The answers to these questions would give us an idea as to how we would respond to the rapidly changing environment of business. The process of answering these questions was neither quick nor painless, since we often had to come face to face with our deepest concerns. Ultimately we believe that we have been able to filter through the noise and settle on what truly defines Synconics as an organization.
  • We seek to transform ourselves by giving everyone in our team an environment where we can achieve our true potential. 
  • We seek to transform society by using our skills and resource to set people free from poverty, fear and whatever may hold them back from being everything that they ought to become.

Ready to supercharge your Businesses.

Jump-start your implementation and drive ROI by collaborating with industry experts, consultants, and 
support engineers throughout your journey.
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  • Customization
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