Odoo vs Oracle HCM


Essential for strengthening employer-employee relationships, human resource systems have evolved over the years to include more aspects of HR officers’ functions. From fleet, and payroll management to time off and attendance, HR systems can accommodate varying scopes and budgets, answering to the needs of organizations of all sizes. Traditionally, human resource processes heavily relied on face-to-face communication and extensive paper-based tasks. However, available systems have simplified HR operations, reducing paperwork and allowing employees to allocate more time to essential tasks.
Choosing the right software is crucial for effectively attracting, nurturing, and retaining top talent. We have carefully selected and analyzed some of the most popular solutions available, including Odoo, BambooHR, SAP SuccessFactors, Oracle HCM, Workday, and Personio. In this page, we have created tables highlighting the availability of key features of Odoo vs Oracle HCM in several areas, namely employees, recruitment, time off, appraisals, referrals, fleet management, and expenses. Happy reading!

Comparing Odoo vs Oracle HCM


Created to disrupt the enterprise world and finally provide a software that covers complex needs with simplicity, Odoo has become one of the most popular business solutions. With more than 82 business apps fully integrated and thousands of community modules, the open-source software caters to every sector and company size, making it a major player in the market. The Belgian software counts more than 20,000 downloads per day, making it the most installed app suite and a direct competitor to companies like Netsuite, Shopify, PrestaShop and Microsoft.
Attract, nurture, and retain: the HR tool for your amazing employees! ”  

million users


1 to 6
weeks to be implemented 


Oracle HCM

Oracle HCM is an HR management suite released in 2011 by Oracle Corporation. It is one of Oracle’s multiple cloud applications providing a wide range of features including Human Resources, Talent Management, Workforce Management, Payroll, and Analytics. Oracle HCM is known for its scalability, industry-specific solutions, and integration capabilities. The solution is mostly employed by organizations with thousands of employees.
" All in one - one suite of products for all processes - one user experience across any device, anywhere - one technology platform natively built in the cloud"


integrated apps

3 to 10

months to be implemented


Features Comparison


Oracle HCM
Employee Profiles & Data

Employee Profile Management

Homeworking Management

Private Data & File Storage

Resume Generation

Employee Stages

Community module 

Employee Skillset Tracking

Equipment Inventory (e.g., laptop)

Equipment Allocation Request

Community module

Benefits Overview (e.g., insurances)

Multi-Company Configuration

Work Location

Customizable Departmental Structure

Organization Chart & Approval Workflow

Field Format Validation

Employee Workload Calculation

Community module

Employee Social Links

Community module

Resume Preview (without downloading)

Print Resume

Access Rights Management

Global HR Flow

Contract Lifecycle Management

Benefits Coordination & Contract Renewal

Simulation Link Generation

Contract Termination Process

Work Schedule Configuration

Employee Satisfaction Tracking

Achievement Gamification (Badges & Challenges)

Loan for Employee

Community module


Digital Document Handling

Internal Communication

Messaging Tool

Team Collaboration Chatter

Enterprise Social Network

Notes & Comments

Document eSignature Capability

Reporting & Dashboards




Oracle HCM
Global Recruitment Flow – Part. 1


End-to-End Recruitment

Applicant History Log

Application Status

Customizable Job Positions

Flexible Employment Status


Job Position Creation

Job Position Page Building Blocks

Insert Images/Videos on Job Position Page

Custom Apply Form

Job Position Publishing Control

Candidate Pipeline Kanban View (Drag and Drop)

Employment Website Connectivity (e.g., Indeed)

LinkedIn Profile Application Support

LinkedIn Profile Link


Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Email Tracking for Sources

Visual Differentiation Between Internal and External Candidates

Resume OCR


Resume Skills OCR


Resume Preview (without downloading)

Global Recruitment Flow – Part. 2

Applicant Skills Logging

Applicant Start Date Availability

Applicant Expected Salary Capture

Interviewer Assignment with Application Access

Calendar Integration for Interview Scheduling

Room Booking for On-site Interview

Interview Form

Interview Feedback & Rating

Application Examination (by peer colleagues)

Offer Template

Online Offer Sending

Salary Self Configurator

Contract Digital Signature (eSignature)

Customizable Rejection Reasons

Onboarding & Information Package Management

Off-boarding Process Management

Productivity & Collaboration

Status Audit Trail


Customizable Activity Types

Communication w/ team & recruits

Messaging Tool

Email Template

Refusal Reasons Tied to Email Templates

Automated Application Rejection Email

Team Collaboration Chatter

Private Notes/Comments on Applicant


Livechat (w/ recruiters)

Voice over IP Support

Integrated Call Widget

Integrated SMS Widget

Whatsapp Integration

Reporting & Dashboards



Mobile Application Integration

Digital Document Handling


Oracle HCM
Referrals & Rewards


Job Position Sharing

Referral System for Friends

Active Referral Tracking

Alert Notifications (banner)

Point-Based Gamification

Stage-Specific Points Allocation (e.g., CV received)

Levels Determination (based on accumulated points)

Rewards Management

Reward-Type Specific Responsible Person

Reporting & Dashboards




Oracle HCM
Time & Attendances

Employee Time Management

Mobile Support

Employee Work Hours Control

Extra Hours Management

Support RFID, Badge, Pin code, Manual Identification

Extra Hours Tolerance (employer/employee)

Rights Management


Time off

Oracle HCM
Time Off Configurations & Management

Time Off Management (e.g., Holidays)

Leave Allocation (e.g., Paternity Leave)

Employee Overtime Management

Accrual Plans and Public Holiday Setup

Accruals w/ Attendance (accrued hourly)

Stress Day Configuration

Customizable Time Off Types

Visual Leave Type Display Options (Symbol & Color)

Full & Half-Day Time Off Options

Future Time Off Visualisation

Time Off Approval and Status Tracking

Negative Time Off

Remaining Time Off Visibility (Per Type)

Calendar & Gantt Chart View

Team-Wide Time Off View

Part-time Employee (France)

Social Secretary Specific Leave

Reporting & Dashboards




Oracle HCM
Perfomance Assessment

Appraisal Plan

Appraisal Template Creation

Multiple Managers Appraisal Capability

Goal Sharing & Milestone Tracking

Career Focus/Development Goals

Core Values

Manual Appraisal Requesting

Appraisal Status Monitoring

Appraisal Calendar Overview

Appraisal Content Comparison (Employee vs Manager)

Appraisal Visibility Options (for managers)

Skill Progress Assessment

360-Degree Feedback

Survey Template for 360-Degree Feedback

Evaluation Scale & Final Rating

Recommended Learning Courses


Productivity, Communication & Collaboration

Messaging Tool

Collaboration Chatter

Integrated meeting planning

Reminders & Next Action Scheduling

Reporting & Dashboards


Individual Performance Reporting

Comparative Analysis Tool (by department/individual)

Company-wide Performance Reporting


Oracle HCM
Fleet Management

Car Categories Classification

Vehicle Template Configuration

Drivers History (Current vs Future Driver)

Customizable Service Options

Employee Vehicle Request

Community module

Leasing Contract Administration

Vehicle Maintenance Tracking

Vehicle Crash Incident Follow-Up

Mileage Tracking System

Fuel Consumption Tracking

Reporting & Dashboards




Oracle HCM
Global Expense Flow

Customizable Expense Categories

Document Management & Justification

Receipt Capture (Picture or Import)

Expense Digitalization (OCR)

Split Expenses by Tax Rates

Reimbursement in Payslips

Expense Policies and Approval Process

Additional Approvers Adding

Community module

Expense Status Tracking

Visa Request

Reporting & Dashboards




Oracle HCM
Global Payroll Flow

Monthly Payroll Completion

Mass Confirm Payslip

Community module

Salary Structure Type Setup

Commission Plan


Pay On-Demand/Salary Advance

Community module

Work Entries & Conflict Resolution

Warning Notifications

Employee Overtime Management

Payslip Preview (without downloading)

Document Signature

Salary Attachments Management

Part-Time Contract Management

Contracts History

Deferred Time Off support

Employees Bank Account Verification

Payroll based on Attendance

Payroll based on Planning

Employee Gratuity Settlement

Community module

Reporting & Dashboards


General Employer Cost Overview

Employee Trend Analysis

Fiscal Reporting Tools

Usability, Pricing & Conditions

Oracle HCM

Ease of Setup



Ease of Use



Meets Requirements


Users Satisfaction

Ratings on g2Crowd



Ratings on GetApp



Ratings on Capterra



Pricing & Conditions



Custom pricing (quote)

1 Free App



Cloud & On-premise

Cloud & On-premise

Free Trial

Quality of Support



User Interface

The user interface (UI) is often overlooked in software development, as organizations tend to prioritize core functions and back-end development over creating a highly functional UI. However, this imbalance leads to a poor user experience and limited productivity. 

Efficiency and user satisfaction heavily rely on well-designed usability in software. A successful solution must consider user needs and goals to assist them effectively. The UI is crucial in understanding human factors and enabling the software to fulfill its purpose. Therefore, a strong and functional design is vital for creating a positive user experience.

In the context of HR management tools, a good UI becomes even more essential. HR professionals handle sensitive employee information, and a well-designed UI ensures secure and intuitive access and management of this data. It reduces the risk of errors, data breaches, and unauthorized access. Additionally, HR professionals manage a wide range of tasks, from recruitment to payroll administration. A well-designed UI simplifies these complex processes, streamlining workflows and saving time and effort.

A good UI also enhances job satisfaction and engagement among HR professionals. By reducing frustration and cognitive load, a visually appealing and user-friendly interface allows them to focus on strategic HR activities. This not only boosts productivity but also helps attract and retain top HR talent, as professionals are more likely to prefer tools that make their work easier and more enjoyable. 

Furthermore, a well-designed UI promotes self-service capabilities for employees. By providing an intuitive and accessible interface, employees can easily access HR information, request time off, review benefits, and perform other self-service tasks. This empowers employees, reduces the burden on HR staff, and fosters a culture of transparency and autonomy within the organization.

Different solutions, Different needs

When choosing the right software for your business, it is important to assess several criteria based on your specific needs.

Business Scope measures a software’s capacity to meet your business needs comprehensively through its features and its flexibility in customizability and integration with other tools. 

User-friendliness measures how straightforward and user-friendly a software solution is for your team to navigate, requiring minimal training or complex procedures. Additionally, it evaluates how hassle-free the software is to set up, considering factors like time, effort, and resource requirements for initial configuration within your organization.

Odoo and Oracle HCM are robust solutions that address a wide range of business needs, extending far beyond HR functions. These platforms are designed to streamline operations and replace the need for disjointed, non-integrated software applications. Among these, Odoo shines as a highly customizable, all-in-one solution with a multitude of applications. Its open-source nature empowers a thriving community, resulting in a vast repository of community-contributed applications. It is the only solution covering fleet management capability. 

Oracle HCM is scalable, making it easy to implement across multiple locations. In addition to Human Capital Management, Oracle also provides its own ERP, Supply Chain & Manufacturing, and Customer Experience solutions. However, in the HR field, the solution may fall short of meeting all requirements.

When it comes to user-friendliness, Odoo offers intuitive interfaces, making it suitable for users of varying technical backgrounds. Its straightforward setup procedures ensure a hassle-free experience.

Oracle HCM, on the other hand, is noted for being less user-friendly and can be challenging to set up. It might require more time and effort for users to become familiar with their complex interfaces. 

It is important to consider the specific needs and scale of your business when assessing which solution is the best fit, as the ease of use and setup can vary significantly among these options.


Ultimately, the choice depends on your organization’s specific requirements, scale, and the balance between customization, ease of use, and setup. 

If you are seeking specific HR solutionsOdoo might be a good fit. Thanks to its user-friendliness and ease of setup, this system is particularly well-suited for organizations with limited resources for extensive IT support and training. Odoo provides an efficient solution for HR needs without overwhelming complexity. 

If you have more extensive requirements and resources, you may find Odoo and Oracle HCM highly appealing. They offer advanced features and can accommodate complex HR processes. Oracle HCM and Workday may be overwhelming for smaller businesses, making them better suited for larger enterprises with a more extensive IT infrastructure, while SAP SuccessFactors might have more limitations in terms of customization.

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