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With the commencement of advanced payment technology and increased customer expectations, it has become significant for retailers to use POS software and switch to cloud solutions for their businesses.
POS systems offer customer-focused experience, enhanced efficiency, and enable to make data-driven decisions. Today, POS systems are not only inclined to payments. They also help to streamline business processes through sales management, inventory tracking, analytics, customer data collection, and much more!
In this paper, we have curated an in-depth comparison between Odoo and other biggest players in the POS App market. Our vision is to provide a comprehensive and insightful analysis of these solutions through the features and capabilities of these POS software.
For a detailed comparison of several POS solutions, we have chosen three eminent ones- Odoo, Gofrugal ServQuick, and Petpooja. We have compiled a table outlining the key features essential to any POS platform and integrated business management tools that enhance point-of-sale functionality.


A versatile, intuitive, user-friendly software built to simplify business operations and fulfill the industries’ demands- Odoo is one of the most adept POS solution providers. With more than 82 business apps fully integrated and thousands of community modules, this open-source software caters to every sector and company size, making it a major player in the market. This opensource software counts more than 20,000 downloads daily, making it the most installed app suite and a direct competitor to other software such as Gofrugal ServQuick and Petpooja.
Amazing employees deserve amazing software.  

million users

integrated apps

1 to 24
months to be implemented 


Gofrugal ServQuick

A cloud POS solution for restaurants built to enhance quality of service, speed,  streamline business processes, and maximize profit. Gofrugal ServQuick revolves around complete restaurant management from maintaining inventory, scheduling production plans, handling recipes, streamlining kitchen operations, and boosting sales. Its powerful analytics suite & reporting enables restaurants to rework on restaurant menus, identify opportunities to save costs, and work with minimal staff to speed up business.
" Point of Sale helps you grow via multiple channels "


integrated apps

2 to 3

days Installation Time



A restaurant management software that helps to fulfill the needs of restaurants,  cafes, and other food service business providers. It streamlines the restaurant operation powered by an AI system & assists in the management of inventory, billing, orders, and analytics. It is capable of integrating with other software & services which may include payment gateways, accounting, and eCommerce platforms for elevating the restaurant business.
" The secret of successful retailing is to give your customers what they want. "


integrated apps


day Installation Time


Features Comparison

Payments & Checkout

Gofrugal ServQuick
Payment Handling

Cash Handling

Credit/Debit Card

Mobile Payment

Digital Wallet

Gift Card

Contactless/NFC Payments

Scan to Pay (QR code on Customer Display)

Tap to Pay


Buy Now, Pay Later

Multi-Currency Support

Currency Conversion

Currency Rounding

Invoicing & Order Handling

Invoicing Capabilities

Late Invoicing

Invoice Customer Generation

Parallel Order

Sell on the Move (via tablet or smartphone)

Counter-Scale Integration

Subscriptions Support

Cross-session Selling/Share Orders

Receipt & Customer Interaction

Digital and Physical Receipt

Customizable Receipts

Split Tender

Tips Management

Discount Management

Cross-Selling and Upselling

Receipt on WhatsApp

Early Receipt Printing


Accounting Integration

Customer Account Balance

Support for Compound Taxes

Support for Eco-taxes

Support for Recupel

Support for BEBAT

GST Treatment

Reporting of Sales Transaction in GSTR

Detailed Tax Statement

Integrated Tax Calculations

Tax Exemption

Tax Reconciliation

Real Time Consolidation

Fiscal Positions


Gofrugal ServQuick
Product Information & Organization

Product Category

Product Search and Filter

Product Attribute/Variant

Unit of Measurement

Large Product Range

Product Image and Gallery

Import/Export of Product Data

Bulk Product Editing/Updating

Barcode Generation

Barcode Scanning

Dynamic Barcodes

Seasonal Inventory

Kits Management

Multi-location Pricing

Product Configurator

Combo Meal

Pricing and Promotions

Price List

Discount/ Promotional Pricing

Bundle Pricing

Inventory Management

Inventory Tracking and Availability Status

Automated Inventory

Multi-warehouse Inventory

Lots / Serial Numbers

SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)

Inventory Transfer and Allocation

Low Inventory Alert System

Stock Replenishment Alerts

Procurement Management

Procurement Visibility

Pricing and Promotions

Price List

Discount/ Promotional Pricing

Bundle Pricing

Employee Management 

Gofrugal ServQuick
Attendance & Time Management

Employee Time Clock

Scheduling & Roster

Switch Employee Session

Access & Permissions

Role-Based Access Control

Employee Access Control

Performance & Target Setting

Sales Targets Management

Employee Performance Metrics

Additional Features

Session History

Task Assignment


Employee Training

Sales Commission

Payroll Integration

HR Integration

Store Management 

Gofrugal ServQuick
Order & Cashier Operations

Order History Tracking

Online Order

E-commerce Integration

Delivery Management

Ship Later (delivery)

Cashier Account

Customer Experience

Custom Storefront Appearance

Multilingual Storefront

Returns & Exchange

Return Management

Exchange Management

Community module

Additional Features

B2B Quote


Warehouse Preparation Display

Self-checkout Systems

Inventory Visibility Across Stores

Real-Time Stock Updates

Store Traffic Analytics

Digital Signage Integration

Multistore Management

Mobile POS (mPOS) for Line Busting and Sales on the Shop Floor

Restaurant Management 

Gofrugal ServQuick
Table Management

Floor plans

Table Transfer

Online Table Booking

Wait List Management

Table Status Tracking

Split Bill Capability

Merge Table

Order Management

Delayed Order Processing

Takeout & Delivery

Online Ordering System

Order Status Updates

Bar Tabs

Order Queues

Kitchen Order Tickets

Preparation Status Display

Menu Management

Digital Menu Management

Customizable Menu

QR Code Menu

Menu Deals

Seasonal Menu Rotation

Kitchen Management

Kitchen Printing System

Kitchen Display


Ingredient Tracking

Customer Self-service

Self-Order Kiosks


Self Order at Table

Self Payment at Table

Additional Features

Food Allergen Alerts

Integration with Food Delivery Platforms

Customer & Loyalty

Gofrugal ServQuick
Customer Management

Customer Details Management

Customer Interaction History

Business Customer Handling

Customer Contact Tools

Customer Tagging

Customer Receivable/Credit Limit

Pop-Up Notes for Customer Details

Marketing Preference

Internal Notes to Customer Display

Customer Engagement and Communication

Customized Promotional Messaging

Customer Insight & Analytics

Customer Segmentation

Personalized Marketing Campaigns

Birthday Reminders/Discount


Omnichannel Customer Experience

Customer Feedback Collection

Customer Satisfaction Tracking

Loyalty & Rewards Programs

Loyalty Card Management

VIP or Membership Programs

Loyalty and Discount Program

Coupon Generation & Management

Loyalty/Discount Usage Limit

Discount Validity Period

Reporting & Analytics

Gofrugal ServQuick
Sales & Revenue Reporting

Real-Time Sales Data

Sales Reports

Cash Flow Reports

Revenue Trend Analysis

Time-Based Sales Reports

Gross Margin Reports

Inventory & Product Analytics

Inventory Reports

Product Performance Reports

Inventory Turnover Reports

Category-Wise Sales Reports

Transactional Reporting

Session Reports

Discount Reports

Refund & Returns Reports

Operational Analytics

Cash Control Reports

Employee Performance Reports

Peak Hours Identification

Dashboard & Customization

Dashboard Overview

Custom Reports

KPI Tracking

Predictive Analytics

Data Export/Import Capability

Customer Insights

Customer Behavior Reports

Customer Segmentation Reports

Loyalty Program Performance Reports

Hardware Integration

Gofrugal ServQuick
Device Compatibility

Desktop Support

Tablet Support

Mobile Device Support

Touch Screen Compatibility

Peripheral Integration

Barcode Scanner Support

Receipt Printer Integration

Cash Drawer Integration

Customer Display System Integration

Card Reader/EMV Terminal Integration

Mobile Card Reader Support

Weighing Scale Integration

Kitchen Printer Integration (For restaurants)

Employee Login Card/RFID Tag

Hardware Management

Multiple Device Support

Compliance and Security

Gofrugal ServQuick
Application and Data Security


ISAE3402 Soc 1 Type I, Soc 2 Type I, ISAE3402 Soc 1 Type II & Soc 2 Type II

ISO 27001:2013

No information Available


Additional Features

Multi-Factor Authentication

User Access Control

Data Backup and Recovery

Integration Ecosystem 

Gofrugal ServQuick

Website / eCommerce Integration



Integrated Accounting

Repairs Integration


Email Marketing

SMS Marketing

Social Media Integration

Payment Processors

RazorPay Payment Devices


Paytm Payment Devices

PineLabs Devices




Card (Credit/Debit)

Ordering and Delivery








Table Reservation

Standard Table Reservation


Usability, Pricing & Conditions 

Gofrugal ServQuick

Ease of Setup

8.9 /10

8.0 /10

7.5 /10

Ease of Use

8.6 /10

8.0 /10

8.2 /10

Meets Requirements

8.6 /10

8.0 /10


Works offline

User Satisfaction

Ratings on g2Crowd




Ratings on GetApp




Ratings on Capterra 



4.7 /5

Pricing & Conditions


Free, unlimited users

11000 ₹. /month

₹. 10,000 first year/ per outlet + ₹.7000* renewal from next year

Free Plan

Free Trial

Quality of Support




User Interface 

The user interface (UI) often takes a backseat. Many solutions tend to channel their focus into core functions and back-end development, often leaving the design of an effective UI by the wayside. Unfortunately, this oversight can lead to less-than-ideal user experiences, which, in turn, impact the efficiency of operations and overall customer satisfaction.

Efficiency and customer satisfaction are crucial in the POS area. To excel, POS software must seamlessly align with the unique needs and aspirations of businesses, enabling them to serve their customers effortlessly. The UI plays a pivotal role here. It acts as a bridge, translating user preferences, habits, and skills into a software experience that functions harmoniously.

A meticulously designed UI plays a central role in diverse facets of POS operations. It ensures swift and precise transactions, reduces the learning curve for staff, enriches customer engagement, facilitates efficient data collection, accommodates changing needs with ease, and mitigates the risks of costly errors. All of these contribute to enhanced operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

 To delve deeper into this matter, let’s discover the back-end world of Odoo POS, Gofrugal ServQuick, and Petpooja. We’ll observe their interface designs, all with the aim of evaluating their usability and efficiency.

Order Screen





Product Configurator





Table Management





Different solutions, Different needs

In order to excel in business, it is important to streamline ineffective processes. For it, you need to opt for the right software. This leads to the analysis of certain parameters such as features, functionality, workflow, etc.

Business scope evaluates the software functions, specifications, usability, customization capability, and integrations with other tools for your business growth. 

User-friendliness measures how software is user-friendly to use and whether it is adaptable to the business according to its tailored needs or not. It evaluates how the software is simple to install along with the updates requiring minimal effort to understand & avoid time-consuming training and procedures. It should also adhere to the industry standards and be efficient after all.

Odoo is an integrated platform that different businesses and organizations can utilize to fulfill their requirements by leveraging its multifunctionality and enhanced features. It has exceptional Point-of-sale capabilities and goes far above it. 

This all-encompassing software is highly customizable, integrates multiple applications, and accelerates businesses with an open-source nature. Its opensource nature empowers a thriving community resulting in a vast repository of community-contributed applications. Odoo Point of Sale offers immaculate services for restaurants and retail stores. 

Odoo, Gofrugal ServQuick, and Petpooja have introduced a radical transition to the Point of Sale (POS) landscape. Gofrugal ServQuick offers more refined offer management and integration with food delivery platforms. It has an efficient reporting tool. But, it doesn’t work on Linux platforms (on-premise) & upgrading or applying patches to the application is hectic in it. Also, it is not possible to archive Old POS in it. It is user-friendly, but custom development can only be done by the Gofrugal itself. It suffers from customization limitations and limited scalability. 

Petpooja helps restaurant owners simplify their business operations from online ordering, table reservations, seat management, and reporting, to analytics, etc. However, it’s user-interface is not up to the mark- not intuitive. Also, inventory management is somewhat complicated and it suffers from limited integration with third-party applications. Part payments are difficult to process hassle-free in it. However, Petpooja can be utilized by users with minimal training.

Value Proposition


While opting POS software for business, certain major factors matter such as usability, customization, installation & setup, integration capability, and how much it can streamline your workflows. You need to decide to what degree the particular solution aligns with the unique needs of your business. 

If you are looking for a specific point-of-sale solution & integrated platform for fulfilling all your business needs , then Odoo can be a great choice for you. It offers advanced options for POS and helps in the efficient management of restaurant or shop operations. It is a robust platform, fully customizable, offers an intuitive interface, and supports hassle-free payments. 

Gofrugal ServQuick and Petpooja can be helpful in restaurant management. However, Gofrugal ServQuick’s customization capability is not up to the mark and lags in integration with online stores or online websites. The Petpooja user interface is imperceptive. Part payments are difficult to process hassle-free in it. It suffers from a lack of advanced features which are needed to become adaptable to business complexities. 

On the other hand, Odoo is user-friendly and has modern user interface, offers a wide range of advanced features, easy to use and implement. It is an Allrounder to help in delivering seamless services from restaurants and shops! 

To explore Odoo, sign up for a free trial at Also, you can schedule demo with our Odoo expert Here. In case, you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

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