Course Management

Course Management Systems have become an integral part of the education system. They make teaching and course management easier by providing a framework and set of tools for instructors. The administrative aspects of such systems may include class rosters and the ability to record students' grades. With respect to the teaching aspects, however, it could include learning objects, class exercises, quizzes and tests. The CMS may also include tools for real-time chat, or a synchronous bulletin board type communications. The CMS tool also focuses on all aspects of teaching, learning and teacher-student interaction.

The Course Management Module aids in creation of classes, course, subject and a framework within which the course is to be taught. Details pertaining to the course name, commencement date, competition date, course code, class history, student capacity, batch etc. can be used to identify and manage the various courses that are taught in any Educational Institution. Also, the subject and chapter attributed to the course can be listed.

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Course Creation

Courses that are offered by the institutions can be given the required attributes like name, duration, faculty, credits required etc. which can then be used by students to choose classes.

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Course synchronization

As students can opt for courses, they need to dynamically align with other modules. This requires the course to be synchronised across other modules such as admission & timetable. 

 Also, courses can be given other attributes such as assigning a class, time and a faculty. Timetable module can compare and prevent courses from over-lapping by making sure that attributes such as time and classroom are not scheduled together.