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Our software product development service is intuitive, easy to use and customizable covering the entire spectrum of activities involved in taking a product from vision to implementation - from defining the product vision to releasing a finished product and every step in between. Our solutions are "right sized" and affordable that means you don't need to invest money in applications you don't need. We get deeply involved from the start by understanding our client's business, their target customers, their competitors and other business drivers and constraints. 

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Alongside development, we keep on upgrading and innovating as per the latest versions. Application upgrades keeps your product up-to-date with the very latest technology and functionality.

Conducting periodic market research gives us an understanding for needs of the clients and we remain leaders in our field by providing them solutions firsthand. Apart from ready to use we do code our own user friendly Apps . Some of the modules we embark on and upgrade as per the latest versions rolled-out are :

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Middle East Human Resource Solutions

Synconics Technologies has developed Middle East HR Solution in Odoo to satisfy nearly all your complex needs of HR requirements from Hiring an employee till retirement process of the employee. 

His HR solution is very simple and easily adoptable by your employees. This includes Employee Management, Time sheet, attendance, payroll, Talent Management, Recruitment, Planning & Analytics. This HR software will be accessed from every device – desktop, laptops, Mobiles and Tablets. This will reduces the paper based approvals and increases the efficiency of the organisation.

Help Desk/Ticket Management System

Customer is a sole property for the development of organization hence, companies are providing after sales services to the customer. After Sales Service is also known as Help desk Ticket Management and in Odoo (Formerly known as OpenERP) Synconics has developed and enhanced default Help desk Ticket Management Module with many new features.

In modern age, customers are very advance and raise their complaint using many ways i.e. doorstep, by phone, Online through Web Form and E-mail.  This system is suitable for service industry like ISP, Hardware/Software Service Provider, Network support, Home appliances or machine repairing services, Manufacturer, Wholesale Dealers and so on.  Let's have an idea how this system is functioning. 

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Education Management System

SynEdu, Synconics Education Management System is designed to integrate various departments of any education institution in order to streamline the processes for a better flow of information. The aim is to have a centralized database which streams real-time information which will provide decision-makers with key visualizations to quickly identify disparities and gaps.

Hotel Management System

A Ticket is a Product for a Help Desk Management System. Managing a Ticket is relatively equivalent to manage a product. Client will thrive if the service to their solution will be furnished dedicatedly and timely. In Ticket Management, mainly we consider that each and every customer should be in contact, be in touch by phone or mail so that they feel that the issues raised by them are under process.

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Packaged ERP applications support a variety of business functions. An ERP systems primary purpose is to automate business processes in order to increase business efficiency and provide better visibility. One primary requirement of companies is to integrate their ERP system with their other enterprise systems to meet growing business demands.

ERP implementations commonly span a few years and what starts as a few functional modules, often grow into a primary ERP system with a number of stand-alone applications on the side. Enterprises need to find a new way to implement ERP systems that enable them to integrate isolated applications and provide a united application architecture.

Uppercrust Odoo Web Theme

Uppercrust comes with several snippets, plugins, pages and other amazing features that can be customized to build an incredible online presence. Uppercrust adapts and evolves according to your changing needs and preferences.

Uppercrust is designed intuitively to project your presence across different platforms and devices. Beautiful regardless the screen size! Just as accessible through mobile, tablets, laptop or the good old desktop. Uppercrust gives you website the upper-edge Always. Uppercrust gives you an array of features to build a presence that reflects your organizational culture and ethos.

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Social Engagement

Synconics Social Engagement is developed in Open Source Odoo. Odoo users can comment on posts, comments, share, like from Odoo ERP once assigned to respective post to user. This is powerful tool in the hands of sales, service and marketing team.

Social media are computer-mediated technologies that allow individuals to view, create and share information, ideas, career interests, and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks. This media are interactive based. User-generated content such as text posts or comments, digital photos or videos, as well as data generated through all online interactions, are the lifeblood of the social media.


Webhooks are a useful tool for apps that want to execute code after a specific event happens, for example, if you creates a sales order in odoo. Instead of telling your app to make an API call every X number of minutes to check if a specific event has occurred, you can register webhooks, which send an HTTP request from odoo telling your app that the event has occurred.

This uses many less API requests overall, allowing you to build more robust apps, and update your app instantly after a webhook is received. Webhook is mainly used by online application platform. The idea is that it's easy for vendors to integrate.

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Fleet Management System

Fleet Management allows transportation companies to accomplish a series of specific tasks relating to a company's fleet of vehicles. These specific tasks encompass all operations from vehicle information, services, fuel logs, odometer details, insurance, drivers and towing.

It helps in improving efficiency, productivity, scheduling of maintenance and servicing tasks, import of fuel transactions and measuring of fleet performance via reports and charts which helps in reducing overall transportation and staff costs.

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