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First and foremost, Supply Chain Management (SCM) software is designed to improve the efficiency of your operation, from inventory check-in and storage to distribution and transportation. By making the processes electronic and/or automated, the time spent on these tasks drops considerably, which allows you to send more products out faster. The resulting efficiency reduces labor costs.  

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Stemline Supply Chain

Supply chain managers schedule the activities necessary for production, testing, packaging and preparation for delivery. supply chain one where companies are able to measure quality levels, production output and worker productivity.

This is the part that many SCM insiders refer to as logistics, where companies coordinate the receipt of orders from customers, develop a network of warehouses, pick carriers to get products to customers and set up an invoicing system to receive payments.

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Auto Procurement Propositions

Reduced inventory levels and increased inventory turns across the network can lower overall costs. With SCM, you can lower operational expenses with timelier planning for procurement, manufacturing and transportation. Procurement software carries out purchase orders and maintains the financial side of supplier/customer relationships.

Purchasing terms are distributed electronically throughout the organization for instant approval and expenses are logged for future reference in the next sourcing cycle. As the accounting segment of SCM systems, procurement also handles reporting and compliance issues. Example vendors include Coupa, SphereWMS, Microsoft Dynamics and WISE.

Systems give suppliers the ability to monitor and replenish the buyer's inventory themselves. Various communication options such as XML, Web portals and email help multiple business partners increase visibility. Buyers can automate sold inventory reports and suppliers respond with new shipment notifications and invoices.

Get Full traceabilities

Resolve critical supply chain events through automated monitoring and alerts. Warehouse Management System (WMS) monitor and control the movement of materials within the warehouse. Shipping and receiving events are controlled with advanced shipment notifications and picking and put away are tracked using tools like auto ID data capture (AIDC) and radio-frequency identification (RFID).

WMS software also assists with the design of warehouse infrastructure. TMS software guides the movement of materials to and from the warehouse. Logistics software can suggest the most efficient delivery modalities (air, land, sea) and manages multiple delivery variations like heterogenous vehicle fleets and load splitting constraints.

Deliveries are monitored using satcomm and other communication devices. Land-based fleets should review ourfleet management software guide for the top trucking, dispatch and routing software as well as systems to manage overall operations.

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Accurately Anticipate Customer Demand

Many supply chain management systems include forecasting, which helps companies manage fluctuations in supply and demand by using complex algorithms and consumption analysis to evaluate buyer histories. Supply chain optimization software can be an invaluable tool in maximizing production efficiency and planning for the future.

Speed Up The Operations

Help you reduce manufacturing lead times, increase asset utilization, streamline processes and collaborate better with partners and suppliers. Planning systems are used to forecast customer demand and adjust the speed and flow of production accordingly. Order fulfillment software helps supply chain managers decrease lead times on production orders, resulting in smooth quote to cash processes. 

The system can determine whether build-to-order (BTO) or engineer-to-order (ETO) is the best solution for each product. After order completion, order fulfillment software keeps track of unpaid orders through revenue recognition processes. Example vendors include SphereWMS, ShipppersEdge and ShipSoft.

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Improve On-time Delivery Performance

Logistics technology allows the tracking of shipments, materials and products both on the supply side and the delivery side of a business operations. 

 Streamlining operations using an order management system puts products into the hands of customers quickly and reliably. Real-time visibility into the diagnosis of a possible problem, enables a business to quickly diagnose the issue and provide a quick solution to help maintain customer satisfaction.

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