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Manpower planning is one of the most important responsibility of the HR department. HR managers devise hiring strategies for bringing in the right kind of people in their organization. They prepare their Job Descriptions which is best suited for the role in the company. After hiring they also plan for the employee’s induction with a well laid out training and development plans for them.

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Keep Track of Timesheets

HR is responsible for keeping people feel motivated for their work. First comes the task of defining an individual’s role. Thereby an effective feedback mechanism from time to time helps the employees to improve their skills.

By combining a unique, event-driven accounting approach with built-in controls and a robust multi-company, multi-currency model, FRM delivers financial records and reports with speed, accuracy and complete audibility. The software can adapt business processes whenever changes are needed without having to re-implement your financial system. It can also report on transactions and get full audit reports on any and every transaction processed in the system.

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Keep Track of Leaves and Expense Reimbursement

Managing attendance and leave policies can be an administrative nightmare if left to outdated, convoluted processes. Workday Absence Management allows you to manage your organization's global time-off and absence policies through automation, visibility, and intuitive self-service. Automate rules and calculations to create a consistent language of absence functions across your organization.
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Save Time on Payroll Processing

With Workday Benefits Administration, you can easily design and implement any number of benefit plans. Offer employees a full and flexible spectrum of benefit coverage, including health, retirement, insurance and flex options.
Define, manage and analyze benefit plans, costs, benefit eligibility rules, elections through open enrolment and concurrent changes in life events—all in one place.

Regain control over payroll: Powerful yet easy to use, Workday Payroll’s robust calculation engine can handle even the most complex payroll requirements while enabling you to automate your payroll checklists, change earnings and deductions and manage pay groups. You can even view journal entry lines in your general ledger, make changes before completing payroll and run payroll calculations as many times as you need to for specific groups or individual employees.

Gain payroll insights: Built-in analytics and reporting make it easy to drill into payroll details, analyze reports and run audits. Workday Payroll dashboards provide access to frequently used reports and current period payroll results. Get instant visibility into global labor costs to improve operational and financial planning.

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Setup Appraisal and Evolution Plan

Establishing cordial relations lies with the HR to a great extent. They are responsible for holding meetings, seminars and all official gatherings on behalf of the management. Apart from core HR role, if required, the department also lends a helping hand in drafting business and marketing plans for the company. Motivate, reward, and develop talent based on individual, team, and business performance.

Boost Engagement with Gamification

Performance of an individual is dependent on the work atmosphere or culture that prevails in an organization. Creating a good conducive working environment is expected from the HR department. 

 A safe and clean work culture helps in bringing the best of an employee and creates a higher job satisfaction. Unlock the potential in your people through transparency into the cost, capacity, capability and quality of your workforce.

Constant Communication with Employees

There can be many occasions where there is a disagreement between the employee and the employer. You cannot avoid conflicts from happening. But you can surely try and manage them.

Here comes the role of the human resource department in acting as a counsellor and a mediator to sort the issues in an effective manner. The HR takes timely action so that thing does not go out of hands. Create a consistent language to discuss performance and give feedback across your entire organization.
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