Finance Resource Management

Financial Analysis, planning, forecast and keep track of all movements


Financial Resource Management software gives you the tools to achieve the highest levels of business performance and financial excellence.  It processes transactions quicker and accurately without compromising control. It can adapt and accommodate new business and regulatory requirements as they arise without additional Management Reporting customization or technology investments.

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Accounting and Finance

You can get immediate visibility into financial performance with real-time, comprehensive financial and operational reports. The system uses a single settlement engine to manage all payments generated across your entire business, including payroll, supplier payments, employee expense reimbursements and customer refunds.

It automatically reconcile bank statements. Financial Resource Management software combines the traditionally separate domains of fixed assets and inventory with the ability to manage and account for all your business assets, from low-cost accessories to intangible, high-value assets like rights and licenses.

By combining a unique, event-driven accounting approach with built-in controls and a robust multi-company, multi-currency model, FRM delivers financial records and reports with speed, accuracy and complete audibility. The software can adapt business processes whenever changes are needed without having to re-implement your financial system. It can also report on transactions and get full audit reports on any and every transaction processed in the system.

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Manage All Your Accounting Needs

By combining a unique, event-driven accounting approach with built-in controls and a robust multi-company, multi-currency model,  FRM securely delivers financial records and reports with speed, accuracy, and complete audibility. You can manage all your business controls centrally, while allowing for variations for local regions or specific countries.

Revenue Management

Billing, automates billing as well as collection cycles and provides support for complex invoicing and payment terms. It helps your organization increase the accuracy of customer invoices, accelerate cash flow and shorten day sales outstanding.  FRM streamlines and automates the creation of invoices based on customer-contract billing terms and schedules. It reduces audit costs and comply with evolving standards and regulations for revenue recognition.
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Management reporting

Using FRM software business users receive the information that they need directly, provides a modern financial reporting experience, freeing users from spreadsheet maintenance and manual processes. Can get the most accurate and up-to-date analysis by generating management reports from the same transactional data used for financial statements.

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Manpower Report

Projects allows you to plan, staff, track, manage and analyze projects and labor to achieve your organization’s key initiatives. By bringing people, business resources and work together in a single, unified system, It gives you insight into the elements that make a team or project successful, the areas that are weak and ways to improve overall effectiveness. 

Managers can plan and deliver capital, billable or internal projects such as IT and R&D initiatives, as well as projects that have capitalized costs. Tracking the project plan and ensure the alignment to strategic predefined goals will make possible to track actual cost against budget overtime.  System provides insight achievement and potentials of executive and simeltaneously tie human cost and impact to actual business results.
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Grant providers are increasing scrutiny on how funds are used. Grants Management, a purpose-built application that handles even the most complex requirements-all while providing more visibility and control into grant activity. Grants have become an important funding source for many organizations.

Meanwhile, the providers of grants are placing more scrutiny on how these funds are used. In this environment, fully featured grants management applications are vital to an organization's fiscal well-being. 

Grants Management provides a central location to manage grant proposals and budgets and report on awards against proposals. It also automates the full post-award process, improving accuracy, visibility and compliance. Reduce the number of manual hand-offs and integration points with an application that is Payroll, Time Tracking and Financial Management.

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