ERP Product Support

Synconics is specialized in providing on-site, offsite, long-term, part-time consultation and support services on a contract basis to all our clients. We provide expert services in the areas of End User Training, Documentation and Production Support.

Product Support Services:

At Synconics we provide our clients with general methodology of the support levels. Support levels are commonly referred to as “tiers.” Simple support requests are intended to be addressed in lower tiers, while more complicated support requests are escalated to higher tiers. While there are no absolute rules about how many support tiers an organization must have, or what each support tier is expected to resolve, there are some general best practices we suggest to all our clients to follow. We offer all our clients a simple model of 3 tier production support.

Tier 1 – Helpdesk: Receive support requests, enter requests into support tracking system, perform simple trouble-shooting, route support requests to Tier 2 support as appropriate.

Tier 2 – Advanced Functional Support: Determine nature of support request; provide advanced functional support, route support requests to Tier 3 support as appropriate.

Tier 3 – Advanced Technical Support: Determine nature of support request and route to appropriate technical support area, provide advanced technical support.

Synconics is also expertise in providing other specialty services like

  • Platform migrations

  • Legacy Version to ERP and ERP Upgrade

End User Training Services:

Synconics offers a variety of education, training, and consulting services designed to support end users and your employees. Our services include:

  • Identify training needs
  • Develop curriculum based on needs
  • Determine security requirements for all end users
  • Provide a variety of training formats such as, hands on instructor led training, demonstrations, documentation, training aids and in service opportunities.
  • Make accommodations for customized training
  • Act as a link between technical staff and end users
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