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Synconics has been deploying, upgrading and supporting ERP systems. We know the complexity of supporting ERP instances. We have the skills and talent to take over any support activities. Synconics currently functionally and technically supports multiple instances for major global organizations, providing multi-process support.
ERP support is an activity where attention means trouble. People who work in support know it. When users aren’t happy, support teams are at the center of not-always-friendly attention. Pressure is often high in the support team from managing cases to make users happy again, or worse case, solving an issue in a very short time to allow for a year-end closing.
We also know from experience how difficult transitioning support to a third party can be. Synconics has developed a unique methodology to ensure that support can be smoothly transferred to our teams without creating any loss of quality.

Synconics’s Support Solutions offer flexible services that can be easily adjusted to customer needs. These include:

  • Level I support services through a Help Desk solution
  • Level II support services with specialized functional consultants
  • Case management tools for issue management and monitoring
  • Corrective Maintenance: Technical support services for issue resolution including data, programs or process issues
  • Evolutionary Maintenance: Focused on modifying the application according to the needs or requirements made by the customer, such as reports, interfaces, new online functionalities or processes
While Synconics is making ERP easier, there are times where you want to turn to the experts for help. The Synconics Support site features a variety of materials ranging from initial ERP software installation, to fee-based Extended Support subscriptions geared toward maximizing the value of your Synconics solutions.

ERP Installation

Step-by-step instructions for open source Odoo ERP software installation instructions for deployment in Linux operating environments. 

ERP Implementation

Learn the strategies for successful ERP implementation. These principles guide first-time evaluators and experienced Synconics professionals toward successful customized business solutions with Odoo ERP. Many customer choose to work with a Synconics Authorized Partner to accelerate their ERP implementation timelines.

Software Migration

Open source Odoo ERP software lets you change anything at any time. The software migration page introduces you to processes and tools for upgrading to the latest version of Odoo ERP.

Fee-based Services Synconics offers a range of fee-based services to ensure that your Odoo ERP solution meets the needs of your business now and in the future. Learn more about Synconics support subscriptions, learning products and tools designed to help you get the most out of your Synconics investment. Contact us to discuss which services are right for your business.
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We know how sensitive support is. You can trust us to make sure nobody talks about it!

Consult Synconics today and see how we can help you with your ERP Support Services challenges.