Benefits Realization Depends on People, Not Technology

Your ERP implementation is more than a technology initiative. Software alone does not deliver benefits – people do!

Synconics helps organizations to plan, lead and manage the human side of implementing strategic change. We help clients create an environment for successful change through organizational change management services (OCM Services).
People fear change, and change management is essential to alleviating those fears. For a one-stop solution to ERP consulting, your organization needs a team with expertise in all three components of ERP success, including organizational change management.
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We partner with clients to design and implement their change strategies and actions and facilitate the quick realization of their business objectives. We provide the systematic architecture for leading and managing change based on scientific organizational change management principles, and we build a client’s capabilities to lead and manage change in both the short and long-term.
While many ERP system initiatives are intended to help replace outdated legacy systems, our clients typically leverage new systems to help them promote and prepare for growth. Whether their plans are to grow through organic growth, mergers, acquisitions or all of the above, our focus is on how to help our clients scale for future growth.
We are often called upon to leverage our innovative and effective organizational change management strategies as a way to fuel our clients’ future success. In other words, our clients are looking for much more than technological guidance – they are looking for ways to reengineer their entire organization in a way to fuel growth and bottom-line results.
Back office functions such as HR, IT, finance, procurement and accounting are prime candidates for standardization, but even more customer-facing processes such as customer service, ecommerce and product lifecycle management can be more standardized than they are now.
This standardization is critical to future growth, especially if you expect to seamlessly roll future acquisitions into your current operations. All of this suggests that you will want to devote plenty of your project’s time and resources to business process reengineering and organizational change management.
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Software configuration and testing will be relatively easy compared to the people and process aspects of your implementation. With that in mind, you will want to prepare accordingly by ensuring you devote plenty of time and resources to your project’s organizational change management and business process reengineering activities.

Looking at our collective experience with successful ERP implementations, our organizational change management strategies have been particularly effective among our high-growth clients:

Finding the Right Team
Synconics Change Management methodology can help you lead employees through any kind of organizational change by ensuring they understand the change and have the knowledge and skills to operate in the future state. Our approach is built on research and experience with successful change, enabling us to quickly identify how these key building blocks connect to create an impactful change strategy.
To achieve operational efficiency and a high return on investment from new technology, private and public sector organizations turn to the Synconics team and rely on our ERP Implementation Methodology. With our integrated approach to ERP consulting, organizations are able to realize the benefits they expect. In the private sector, this means cost savings and increased productivity. In the public sector, this translates to improved services for constituents and citizens.
You have a vision of what a “perfect day” looks like post go-live. We have the tools to help you achieve it . . .
What We Deliver
  • Change readiness assessment, design and support – Assess Employees’ Fears
  • Communications planning and execution – Effectively Communicate With Employees
  • Training needs analyses and strategy development – Increase System Usage
  • Post-implementation audit to track and report progress against the business case – Maximize Your ROI
Our organizational change management methodology allows us to customize our approach to your unique needs, while retaining the elements critical to ERP success:
  • Training, including technical/functional training and process training, to create end-user buy-in
  • Workforce transition assessment
  • Education about software benefits and reasons for its purchase
  • Clarity about changed roles and responsibilities
  • Engagement and accountability efforts
  • Development of communication channels and materials
  • Creation of a holistic entity (Centre of Excellence) to provide support, guidance and oversight
  • Tracking and monitoring results for continual fine-tuning and improvement
At the end of the day it’s vital to remember that technology installation, configuration and testing won’t determine your level of success. Organizational change management will ultimately determine how effective and successful your project is – and how well-prepared you are for future growth.