If you are trying to decide your organization could benefit from an enterprise resource planning (Odoo ERP) system, if you are looking for more value from your current system, or if you are shopping for a replacement ERP system, the ERP specialists on the Synconics Odoo ERP consulting team can help you make an informed decision.
Would be guided by our experienced consultants
How to meet your business objectives
Synconics Odoo ERP consultancy services focus on advising businesses on how best to use Odoo ERP, which deployment model (On-Premise vs. Cloud ERP) will meet your business objectives. In addition, we estimate, manage, implement, deploy and administer Odoo ERP on businesses' behalf.
Synconics Odoo ERP consultancy services have been widely defined and embodied by a team of dedicated competent experts having in-depth knowledge of various industry domains.
Our services include (but not limited to) the following:
  • Implementing business solutions using best practices.
  • Manage your systems on your behalf.
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Assessment and Consultation
We understand each industry is unique. Synconics will first schedule an assessment and consultation session to identify your company’s existing systems and data, existing hardware, current processes, procedures, policies, and requirements. A discussion about reporting needs, expectations and implementation requirements will take place during this session.
When conducting an assessment, our ERP specialists inventory your unique needs and objectives and determine where you are getting the most out of your current system and whether replacing your system is necessary and justifiable. Utilizing information from the ERP assessment, they will help you build a business case to determine and justify what improvement alternatives are available to satisfy your needs in both the short and longer term.

Do you need Odoo ERP Installation? Turn to Synconics for expert advice and to have the right Odoo ERP installed and set up in your On premise Server or On Cloud Dedicated Server.

We are active in Odoo ERP system since 5+ years and adequate to handle the complex installation procedure being onsite or offsite in Local server, Remote dedicated server and SaaS base server as per preference. According to request, in Odoo 7, 8, 9 Enterprise Version or 9 Community versions, we are competent to install at recipient. We mainly prefer Ubuntu operating system and prior to installation, we recommend client for the hardware requirement by considering user environment.


Setup and Configuration
ERP systems have to be flexible to meet the needs of companies installing them. It is a truth that no two companies are run exactly alike and hence their ERP systems aren't going to be alike either. ERP systems were developed based on generic need of various types of organizations, belonging to diverse business segments and further evolved through continuous adding up of new business processes.
Synconics will work with your company on the installation, initial configuration and setup (including setting up the companies’ accounts, CRM, Sales, Purchase, Warehouse, Inventory, Manufacturing, Project Management, Human Resource Management, Payroll and user logins on the system), customization of ERP flow and development of new fields and forms if required. Other additional application components can be integrated, set up and trained on at any time after the initial configuration and training.
New Module Development and Customization:
Customization services include new module development or existing custom extensions to base ERP system like forms, reports, business workflows, alerts etc.  At Synconics, we thrive to deliver customized solution at the right cost to all our customers.
Almost all ERP applications follow standard business processes but when it comes to doing actual business practices, these will differ from organization to organization and also the unique requirements of the end users as well as business requirements. Customization is the process of extending or changing how the ERP system works by writing new user interfaces and underlying the application code. This is typically required due to local work practices, which are not part of the core routines of the ERP software. Hence, customization is needed to allow the software to align with the organization’s existing processes, enabling not only a smooth shift from the old processes, but also a better fit between the ERP system and the end users.
In order to determine the level of customization which your company might require, it really depends on your management’s/users’ needs and the key objectives which you want to achieve. With that, Synconics team will be able to identify the optimal level of ERP system customization for the implementation of your ERP system package.
Data Conversions and Data Import
During the implementation process, Synconics resources assist customers with the migration of their existing legacy data into Odoo ERP. Once initial Odoo ERP setup is completed, the Synconics implementation team will assist with data import of demographic data (such as While the specific information to be converted is determined by the project team, commonly-migrated data includes base data such as customers and vendors, product-related data including bills of material and routings for manufactured items, current state data including inventory status and open AR invoices, AP invoices, customer orders, and purchase orders, and customer sales history., and whatever other data fields deemed necessary).
Version Migration or up gradation:
Odoo ERP version upgrades or version migrations are opportunities to enhance performance, improve business process capabilities, and remain competitive in a global business environment. Continuous improvements of the Odoo ERP landscape are vital for enterprises looking to run, grow, and transform their business more effectively.
If your ERP system has not been upgraded regularly, you run the risk of compromising both with functionality and reliability. That’s where we come in. Synconics has the in-depth knowledge of all module of Odoo ERP experience to help you to upgrade and maintain.
With a dedicated Odoo ERP Upgrade Competency, Synconics Technologies delivers a wealth of resources with deep expertise, global capabilities, and proven methodologies for a seamless Odoo ERP upgrade experience.
Application Integration:
Synconics Technology has unique proficiency in integration of Odoo ERP system with your any legacy system either it is hardware or software accept the API (Application Programme Interface) is available. Mainly our artistry of integration is on Bar-coding machine and Biometric Punching machines; many such machines of client’s issues figured out and streamlined using strength of our technical team. We are proud to introduce that Synconics team single handed solved below integration:
End Users Training (Functional/Technical):
A key element of each Odoo ERP implementation is functional and technical training. Synconics offers a comprehensive and continuous training program. End users’ training is the most important element of a successful implementation and user strategy. We take a hands-on approach in our training so users can apply what they learn right away.
Synconics is also very proud of the fact that we customize each training session to the needs of your organization. After the initial training, various ongoing training options are provided and are available for continuous learning.
As part of the implementation process, Synconics personnel perform in-depth training for the given customer’s application users and IT resources. A Synconics project manager will help establish a training program that best meets the customer’s needs.
Functional training is either delivered by Synconics directly to all functional users or in a train-the-trainer approach. Regardless of the option selected, Synconics is available to provide as much training as necessary to make go-live and post implementation software usage a success.
Synconics implementation training can be delivered both on-site at customer facilities and remotely via the Internet.
In addition, the integrated training system can be used after production go-live to refresh training for personnel involved during implementation and to train newly hired or transferred employees. This provides on-going instruction and a consistent level of institutional knowledge of Odoo ERP through the lifecycle of its usage. Likewise, Synconics customers are welcome to augment the courseware delivered through the integrated training system with other customer-specific training materials as desired.
Support and Follow Up
Synconics ERP consultancy services closely work with Odoo ERP Support and development team to get the solution at the earliest. We have experts in every business area, who have in-depth knowledge of the subject matter.
Synconics believes in the importance of supporting organization throughout the implementation and transition period, and the entire time the organization uses Odoo ERP. We provide the best technical support in the industry. 
Synconics prides itself on its industry-leading post-sales maintenance and technical support capabilities. As part of Synconics’s industry-leading post-sales support, Synconics customers have access to the Synconics customer support Portal. Whenever a call is placed to Synconics, the call is answered directly by an Enterprise ERP software developer with an industry-leading average tenure of over 3 years. Synconics software developers are available to assist Synconics customers with support, functional enhancements, report customization, customer-unique configurations, and Odoo ERP updates and version upgrades.