seamlessly migrate data and code

In this rapidly changing business scenario and equations, it is pertinent to adapt and be abreast with new technology and platforms for facing the challenges. Migration and re-engineering of software applications from one environment to another has become inevitable. 

For example, moving from Windows NT Server to Windows 2000 Server would usually be considered a migration because it involves making sure that new features are exploited, old settings do not require changing and taking steps to ensure that current applications continue to work in the new environment. Migration could also mean moving from Windows NT to a UNIX-based operating system (or the reverse).

Why switch?

Get reliability and performance at a lower cost

As cost and budget pressures increase, choose a platform your CFO will love.

Run the workloads that propel your business forward

If your performance and capacity demands are increasing, it's time to migrate.

Quickly meet business demands

Keep pace with shifting markets and changing business needs. Odoo ERP delivers the agility, adaptability, and speed to do what's most important, even when faced with an uncertain future.

There are two types of migration: Legacy system to New Odoo ERP and Odoo ERP version migration or up gradation.
Legacy System to ERP:
To understand better, let us go through the need for moving to an ERP solution and the advantages it offers. Growing organizations often find it difficult to retain business efficiency, employee productivity, and responsiveness to customer needs. Businesses are hindered by lack of technology or systems that simply cannot keep up with growth, lack the functionality to support daily business operations, and cannot scale up to a growing customer base.
Legacy system modernization has become an ongoing task for many of the enterprises across the globe.
Synconics understands the need for change and will help you upgrade your systems or applications in order to benefit your business by optimizing the right mix of existing (Application Management) vs. new technology Odoo ERP (Migration, Enhancements).
Reuse and modernize your time-tested business applications to newer technologies and strategic platforms with Synconics’s ERP Migration Services.
Odoo ERP Version Migration / Up gradation: 
Synconics have long years of experience in migration and are specialised in migrating Odoo ERP solutions to higher version of the same. We can provide service and successfully migrate existing ERP apps or legacy apps to open source without impacting data-entity, functionality or business process/ flow. Our team of ERP consultants/ developers in conjunction with the team of experienced testers and validation specialists ensure smooth migration of data and apps with their rigorous testing and validation. 
This usually requires converting the data into some common format that can be output from the old database and input into the new database. Since the new database Odoo ERP organized differently, it may be necessary to write a program that can process the migrating files.
Migrating legacy applications is an efficient way to build on business logic that, in many cases, has been created and customized for many years.

A migration or upgrade project is efficient, effective and economical when it goes through Synconics Migration Service:

  • Upgrade Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Specific Pre-Upgrade and Post-Upgrade Tests

Our migration services are instrumental for:

  • Integration and enhancement of legacy systems with new Odoo ERP Internet-driven technologies
  • Odoo ERP version Migration Service
  • Migration of systems to new architectures, languages, databases and web-based environments
  • Migrating a legacy or existing application to a new operating environment
  • Re-enabling, re-hosting, and re-engineering
  • Web Enablement
  • Application Up-gradation
How to migrate from Legacy system to Odoo ERP:

Backup the Legacy System: Although we don't work on the actual/production server of Odoo ERP, we back it up. That's how careful we are.

Deploy a test lab or pilot project: Synconics use a test-lab approach to evaluate Odoo ERP.

Migrate the Modules: We also re-create modules that no longer exist or that were custom made.

Migrate the data: The data is anything that is entered by the frontend or the backend users into Legacy System or Odoo ERP. It can be the users information, products, customers, suppliers, project, the modules settings, etc… We migrate that data, while taking into consideration changes in the database infrastructure, to the new Odoo ERP.

Test the ERP: Although we continuously test the ERP throughout the process, we do a final test when the whole ERP is migrated. This test allows us to fix those little bugs that we missed while working on the ERP.

Train your IT staff: Staff should be trained early in the migration process. Odoo ERP is similar to Other ERP, and you can engage Odoo ERP Training to make learning easier.

Prepare an Odoo ERP standard build: Current provisioning methods using Kick start can codify organizational requirements in a flexible and repeatable manner.

Flip the ERP: We move the old ERP into a safe place inaccessible to the outside world and we move the newer ERP into the former's location.

How soon can the migration work start?
After getting the inquiries from you, we will take the liberty to review your System, and then send you a comprehensive quote. Simply please fill in and submit the form that you see on the Contact Us page. We will review the completed form and contact you to discuss the specifications.