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Having attained a certain level, any Business would not be manageable in absence of an ERP system. With extensive experience, this is where Synconics Technolgies fit in - be it to enhance business' own legacy system or roll out of new ERP platform. The very moment when you will consider about ERP implementation with same breath you can nod to give access of your business process to Synconics. Our team will analyze the whole process thoroughly to understand the scope of IT infrastructure, budget, user log in and any other untold or unfold factor with a view to set the best suitable ERP system at your end.
Our duty starts from forecasting hardware requirement and system designing part and deadline solely defined is Go-live including drilling employee. We assist you to choose; the kind of installation will suit you and search both, the dedicated server service provider and package; which comprise the companies benefit. Either we will take charge of dedicated server hosting on behalf of company with proper time to time backup responsibility.  Selection of Odoo ERP version like Odoo ERP V8, Odoo ERP 9C or Odoo ERP 9E with hosting proposal like SaaS or on premises, whatever preferably convenient or recommended for the organization.
As a beginner, we understand your basic requirement is to deliver an ERP system as per your terms instead of diversifying your process which fit its constraint. We believe that the solution should be stalemate workable using which we can alter your future needs.  In short you need a solution that makes sense your organization and provide you utmost flexibility which will accommodate your future needs.  The below stated information will enable you to opt for the best suitable model of formation as per your business needs.
The immense capability of ODOO ERP system is, that it’s available to deploy on your own private network or on Cloud and can be easily used in web browser to do the job.

Our Predefined Scenario of Setup

On-Premises: Synconics will assist you to install your Odoo ERP on premise with remote or onsite installation. We can provide you Odoo ERP V8, Odoo ERP Version 9 community version and also accountable to arrange Enterprise version being in your premises. With auto Odoo ERP start facility as Operating System boot, no need to start Odoo ERP as your server reboot. Also we provide service to bind your Odoo ERP server with fully domain name.

With an on-premises ERP deployment, the server infrastructure and software are owned by the company, reside within the organizational boundaries or firewall, and are handled by a dedicated internal IT team. This allows the company to maintain full control over the data and applications. Moreover, the system availability, uptime, security, and disaster recovery objectives are at the customer’s control.

Off-Premises: Off-premises can include either a cloud-based or a partner hosted deployment of the ERP solution. Our team will deploy the system at your convenient premises hired by you.  Cloud has quickly evolved into an IT industry buzzword, but companies need to recognize that there are significant differences in what each vendor offers as a cloud service. 

Private Cloud (Dedicated Service): Synconics provide you per user Odoo ERP ready package install hosting service. A private cloud adopts the virtualized, self-service model of the public cloud; however, it typically does so within the company’s firewall and is collocated at the Synconics datacenter. The company either owns the ERP software and infrastructure or Synconics provide an option for leasing this as a service. An important distinction from the private cloud model is that the service is provisioned exclusively for an organization (i.e., single tenancy) without any sharing of infrastructure among multiple customers.

Public Cloud: The Odoo ERP solution takes a web-hosting model in which the data and application resides in a remote server and can be accessed via an Internet browser. Odoo Public cloud offers a shared or multi tenant infrastructure that may be virtualized and is owned by the Odoo. The customer typically rents the Odoo ERP software and infrastructure and is charged on a pay-per-use or pay-per-user basis. 

We are exclusively focused on implementing the best ERP solutions to the mid-market.  Our success has been proven with hundreds of Odoo ERP installations and implementations throughout the world.

Our staff is all about excellence and customer satisfaction. We can handle all your needs, from implementation, customization, and ongoing support. With our team working for you, you will get access to not only the best ERP solutions on the market but the best onsite and offsite support and training.