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Synconics ERP Support Services bring laser-focused attention to critical success factors that are often overlooked in ERP solutions.

Our customized service delivery methodologies, coupled with our unparalleled access to seasoned ERP professionals, enable us to expertly support and complement your internal efforts as well as those of an implementer.

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Synconics can help you transform your ERP implementation operations from strategy to design, delivery and effective execution by providing best-in-class services. These include the following:

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Odoo ERP Consulting Services

Synconics helps firms determine IT strategy, evaluate and implement enterprise software, and achieve benefits from their technology investment and infrastructure.

Synconics also facilitates business process reengineering and manages organizational change and redesign to assure that its clients realize increased efficiency, usability and returns. Our input and services are proven to decrease risk, accelerate progress and increase the success and value of implementations.

Organizational Change Management: Using our Change methodology, Synconics helps clients develop and sustain long-term organizational changes to realize business improvements. Services include staff management, training and reorganization, organizational assessment, design and support, and communications design and delivery.

ERP Staffing: Synconics provides the staffing resources necessary to make your ERP implementation a success. Using mobile workforce recruiting and human resources training, we can help your organization build the best staffing structure available.

Odoo ERP Implementation Services

ERP implementation planning requires ERP experts who know your industry, know the ERP software chosen and what it takes implement it on time and on budget. Perhaps most important is finding ERP experts who have what it takes to ensure your organization realizes all possible business benefits. Synconics is that level of ERP expert. Our ERP implementation planning service not only helps ensure that the system is implemented correctly but that the technology helps the business transform into the very best version of itself.

Synconics, an Odoo ERP services partner, offers a complete range of services across the entire life-cycle of Odoo ERP On-premise and On-cloud applications. Whether be it legacy modernization, process improvement or digital innovation, our Odoo ERP transformation programs deliver result driven outcomes. We consult, design, build and manage tailored solutions catering to your industry needs. Our services range from Consulting (Strategy and Roadmap Creation, Architecture Assessment, Business Process Standardization and Harmonization), Implementations & Rollouts, Upgrades and Platform Migration, Application Management and Support as well as Custom Developments and Enhancements.

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Odoo ERP Support

ERP support for an organization implementing a new ERP system is always a major consideration. Even with a mature, installed ERP, support is still critical throughout its lifecycle. In addition to the expected internal IT support, companies necessarily rely on support from the supplier for fixes, updates and enhancements and may also rely on other resources for other kinds of ERP support. Welcome to the Synconics - we ensure that you get timely resolution for all your problems related to Odoo ERP solution.

Synconics has a dedicated support team available to help customers overcome mission critical issues in time. Depending on the criticality of the issue we have defined resolution times, based on which we ensure that your business is not hampered due to product issues and/or delay from software support team. Our customized service delivery methodologies, coupled with our unparalleled access to seasoned ERP professionals, enable us to expertly support and complement your internal efforts as well as those of an implementer.

Odoo ERP Training

The ROI for an ERP investment is only realized when an organization fully understands and utilizes the new system. ERP education for IT and business users is vital to ensuring an organization possesses the right knowledge, skills, abilities and resources to maximize adoption of an ERP system. To drive user adoption and deliver measurable results, Synconics Training and Education Services are engineered to be an integrated component of your ERP implementation. 

Synconics using the Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Education instructional systems model, we custom-design courses for technical and functional ERP students and end users. We conduct labs and readiness assessments to customize curriculum development to the specific needs of your team members. We are also skilled in distributing our ERP training programs through a variety of delivery approaches.


Our trainers are not only technology experts, they are practitioners with real-world experience using relevant ERP platforms. Additionally, our instructors are adept at conducting train-the-trainer courses to help clients stay within budget and leverage internal resources. By arming key resources with the right understanding of an ERP platform, our clients achieve higher user-adoption rates over shorter time periods. Partner with us for Odoo ERP initiatives to address your business and IT challenges.

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